Senior Citizens

Senior Citizens are the prime age for crimes of opportunities. Criminals like an easy target and feel the older generation is less likely to fight back. Statistically women over the age of 55 are at a higher risk for crimes of violence. Men over the age of 55 are more at risk for crimes of fraud and deception. Stay Safe has programs that provide skills to both men and women to keep them secure in the " golden years ".

John Noonan, husband of Karla and father to Jenae delivers a dynamic program to avoid being a victim of fraud. John is the former chief of the major fraud division for the state of California Department of Corporations. John and his investigative team " busted" many bad guys in California and across the nation for many creative and insidious schemes in which the aging lost everything!

Stay Safe can customize programming for specific client requirements.

Stay Safe topics include

  • In home safety
  • Out and about safety
  • Fraud awareness
  • Self defense skills
    • keeping "personal bubble" safe
    • falling safely
    • getting up off the floor
    • purse safety
    • safe punching
    • attackers weak spots

To name a few

Stay Safe has done seminars for:

  • Retirement communities
  • Assisted living facilities
  • Health care facilities
  • Personal in home lessons

These presentations can range from 1 day or a 6 week, one hour each program. Level one and level two classes available.  


If you would like more information about bringing Stay Safe LLC to your facilities and creating a specific program to fit your group's needs, please contact Stay Safe LLC today!