Programs for preschool aged children.


Stay Safe LLC  programs are brought to the day care facility. 

The Stay Safe program is a once a week,  5 or 10 week program that discusses topics such as:

  • Stranger Danger
  • Home Safety
  • Family Safety
  • Social settings (parks, malls, schools etc.)
  • Anti- Bullying


Preschool aged children are the most vulnerable to crimes due to their innocence. They have a trusting nature and are curious about their surroundings. Children at this age need to be taught simple principles and strategies to help them Stay Safe in their world. 




The Stay Safe program also shows children self defense techniques to help keep them safe. 

  • How to get their hand free from being pulled
  • Dropping their weight to not be picked up
  • Using their words 
  • Protecting their "personal bubble"
  • and other self defense skills to help keep them safe

Children that are prepared for an emergency are more likely to act safely and in a timely  manner. During the Stay Safe program we allow these children to role play and allow them to practice  the skills they learn. Also during these Stay Safe courses children are encouraged to go home and have these important topics discussed with the family.  

Does your family know where to meet in an emergency situation?

Is there a neighbor that you can trust for your child to seek help from?

Does your child know how to make a 911 phone call?

Does your child know how to evacuate a house if the front door is blocked?

Does your family have a pass word for emergencies?

Does your child know how to speak to police, or to stay in one place if they are lost?

These and others topics are what taught during the Stay Safe course.