College Sororities 

Stay Safe LLC brings a fun seminar to the College Sororities!

Learn techniques such as

  • How to fight from your back
  • How to fall safely
  • How to stand up safely
  • How to remove hands from your throat
  • How to remove your hand from someone's grasp
  • How to get someone off of you
  • How to fight the choke from behind
  • How to prevent being picked up
  • Protecting your personal space
  • Date Rape Awareness

To name a few


This seminar can range from 1 hour to 3 hours depending on your sorority's preference. Please contact us to book your women's empowerment self defense seminar today!

This empowering  seminar teaches  ladies self defense techniques  to help keep them safe in their environment.  This hands on seminar  discusses empowering topics, goal setting, motivation and encouraging each other. It's really important for women to encourage each other and support each other. The seminar teaches self defense techniques to help with rape prevention, protecting personal space, carrying yourself with confidence, using your voice and showing the ladies how capable and powerful they are. 






Motivational topics include

  • Setting goals
  • Setting personal boundaries
  • Positive mind sets
  • Recovering from set backs
  • What is Motivation
  • Staying Motivated
  • Encouragement/empowerment 
  • Trusting your intuition