Stay Safe INC is an organization created by a mother/daughter team to teach crime prevention techniques and skills to people of all ages.


Stay Safe has hosted workshops for:

  • Senior Center Homes

  • Retirement Communities

  • Summer Camp

  • Women Empowerment Conferences 

  • Parent Organizations

  • Health and Fitness Centers

  • Corporate Offices

  • Public Service Organizations 

  • College Sororities

  • Assisted Living

  • Preschools/Elementary Schools

  • and many more


Stay Safe's workshops teach topics such as home safety, shopping safety, (because we ladies love to shop), "out and about," emergency situations, stranger danger, anti-bullying, confidence, voice awareness, personal space, motivation, women empowering and many others. 

If you would like more information or to book a "Stay Safe" event please contact us we'd love to help your organization "Stay Safe"


Karla, the mother, with her masters degree in educational leadership and life span development uses her education for creating age appropriate curriculum to help participants understand their abilities to protect themselves. 

 Jenae, the daughter, is a black belt and a world's gold medalist in pankration (which is the formal term for MMA or Mixed Martial Arts), combining her MMA skills and motivational speaking, she delivers a hands on presentation of safety skills to help participants "stay safe"







If you follow the news, the world can be a scary place. So can your community, parking lots, malls, movie theaters, sidewalks and parks (to name a few places).These scary places can make you feel vulnerable and subject to a crime of opportunity. Women over the age of 55 are at a statistically higher risk of becoming victimized. Children of all ages are vulnerable to predators. Did you know that most personal assaults are committed by someone you know?




And in the mean time Stay Safe out there!